Nearly A Year In Jail For House Party Bouncer

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The adult chaperone, or, “bouncer,” at several underage alcohol and drug parties will be spending most of the next year behind bars after being sentenced to 364 days by East Hampton Town Justice Lisa Rana February 27.

Robert Andrade, 44, was the adult in charge at a series of parties at a Neck Path house in Springs in December 2016, East Hampton Town police said in a series of misdemeanor complaints brought against him in March 2017. The residence, owned by Jefferson Davis Eames, was the site where Jordan Johnson, an East Hampton teen, passed out and suffered a stroke during a party. Johnson lay unconscious for a prolonged period. Initially paralyzed, the teen has since recovered.

Eames pleaded guilty in June 2017 to a series of charges stemming from several arrests in East Hampton and was sentenced to eight months in county jail.

Andrade pleaded guilty in 2019 to one of the four misdemeanor charges he faced for endangering the welfare of a child by allowing youths to openly become intoxicated at the Neck Path residence. In September 2019, Andrade was sentenced to three years of probation by East Hampton Town Justice Lisa Rana. He was also required to enter a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program.

A probation officer met with Andrade and reviewed the terms of his sentence twice. The officer reported in a recent letter to the court that Andrade had, between November 12, 2019 and January 28, 2020 skipped seven required meetings with her. In addition, she informed Rana, “Andrade failed to make any attempt to enter court-ordered long-term inpatient treatment and stated that he was not going to engage in said treatment or any form of inpatient or outpatient treatment.”

Charged with violating probation, Andrade was scheduled for arraignment Thursday in East Hampton Town Justice Court.

After entering a guilty plea for violating his probation terms, Rana resentenced him on the misdemeanor charge he pled guilty to last year to the maximum amount of time allowed by law for a misdemeanor — 364 days. Court officers handcuffed Andrade and placed him in the courthouse’s holding cell. East Hampton Town police took him into custody, transferring him to a holding cell at police headquarters, before the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office was contacted. He was transported to the county jail in Riverside, where he remained as of press time.

With time off for good behavior, Andrade could be released in about 240 days.

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