Hamptons Police Department Pushup Champ Eyes Truck-Touching Gold

Rex Gallant enjoys one-arm pushups training on the beach
Rex Gallant enjoys pushups training on the beach, Photo: 123RF

New Hamptons Police Department PR Director and legendary hero cop Rex Gallant won the National Police Pushup Title (NPPT) this week after completing 372 consecutive one-handed pushups without a break. Gallant captured the magnificent performance on high-definition video and posted to his YouTube, where NPPT judges watched the footage, confirmed its authenticity and named the PR guru their new champion.

“Rex has always been strong, and he’s a darn good cop,” HPD Chief Joe Ronson said, noting that Gallant is also the brilliant mind behind new public relations campaigns, including the Department’s exciting Baby Cop and Baby Cop X-Treme promotions. “We’ve never had a NPPT pushup champ in our midst, so we’re quite proud.”

Now that Gallant has conquered the competitive pushup world, the HPD spokesman says he wants to become the world’s best truck toucher. “One day, especially after I retire from the force, I want to be the last man standing at every truck touching competition across the country, and eventually around the globe,” Gallant said. “I’ve got great confidence, strength and a good grip, and I’ve already won several truck touching battles for area radio stations here and in Ohio, where I went to college. No one could outlast me because I never let go,” he added, flexing his biceps mightily.

Colleagues say Gallant also never lets go of a case, which is how he ended up as the HPD’s most decorated officer with the highest number of convictions. He is, as they say, a legend for a reason.

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