Spring Sports On Hold

Suffolk County spring sports will remain suspended until April 29. The move comes following New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s announcement that schools will remain closed until that time as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“Once again, no practice of any kind is permitted during this time,” said Section XI, the governing body of Suffolk County athletics, in a statement. “If we do go back to school we are committed to having an abbreviated spring season for our student-athletes.”

While schools stay closed, New York State Public High School Athletic Association Executive Director Dr. Robert Zayas urged students to follow all protocols to stay safe.

“Student athletes: you are leaders in your school and community,” Dr. Zayas said. “Please stay home and encourage others to do the same; set a good example. Just like any team, if we all work together we can achieve great things.”

With multiple social media challenges popping up to aid in distraction from the crisis caused by COVID-19, Section XI chose to do the same.

To engage passionate Section XI student-athletes, coaches, parents, and fans, Section XI asked: “What’s the best Section XI team of all-time? Any sport, any year.” Go to Twitter.com/SectXISuffolk to join the conversation.

The National Federation of State High School Associations has a hashtag “#MyReasonWhy” that has also grown in popularity during this time, accompanying posts detailing how sports has impacted and changed the lives of many.

“Know what is contagious? Teamwork,” the National Federation of State High School Associations said. “Let’s spread positivity and the unwavering conviction that nothing can break our spirit — just like in high school sports. We’ve got this, people. Let’s do it. Together.”

Seven states have announced schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year, including Arizona, Alabama, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Vermont, and Virginia. It is unclear whether New York will follow suit,.

“Section XI student-athletes, you are leaders in every category,” Section XI Executive Director Tom Combs said. “This should be no exception. Find a place to work out hard in a safe manner, following the rules set to keep everyone safe. We are very proud of all of you.”

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