Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Willa Levine on Witches, Halloween

Dan's Papers October 23, 2020 cover art by Willa Levine
Dan's Papers October 23, 2020 cover art by Willa Levine

Willa Levine is a young artist with roots in the Hamptons. Her grandfather, Myron Levine, founded All for the East End (AFTEE) in honor of his son and Willa’s dad, Joshua Levine. This talented young woman talks about her love of art, her quirky and fun art style and more.

What was the inspiration for this piece?
My inspiration for this drawing is from a book that I am currently working on. The girl in the drawing is the main character of my book, Ida, who is a witch studying magic with her grandmother. The shadow in the background is the “villain” of the story, a misunderstood old witch named Belitrix.

Willa Levine
Willa Levine

Describe your art style to us.
My art style is a mixture of manga and a basic cartoon style. I take a lot of inspiration from graphic novels.

When did you first discover your love of art?
I’ve loved drawing basically my whole life, but I started drawing regularly when I was around six, or seven. I started taking art classes when I was nine.

What do you love about Halloween?
My favorite part of Halloween is dressing up. I have always put a lot of time and effort into my costumes. Another part of Halloween is that I like ghosts. I’ve always found the concept creepy, but fascinating.

Do you think you’ll pursue art as a career?
I would love to grow up to become an artist, but I’ve heard that it’s hard to get money out of that career, so I might use my art skills to become a graphic designer, or something else. I’ve been building a portfolio of my art with the help of the local artist Paton Miller. I go to his studio once a week for lessons.

What are your other interests and hobbies?
My other hobbies include, pottery, baking, swimming and practicing witchcraft (witch: woman in total control of herself).


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