Sparkling Pointe Releases Low-Alcohol, Low-Calorie Wine

The new Sparkling Pointe 2016 Brut Nature
The new Sparkling Pointe Brut Nature
Photo: Courtesy Sparkling Pointe

Sometimes a boozy glass of wine isn’t what you need. Maybe you’re on a new diet, or you’re looking for something with low alcohol beverage volume.

If either situation sounds like you, Sparkling Pointe’s Brut Nature may be your best bet.

“We feel it is a perfect addition to the Sparkling Pointe portfolio and fills a space unlike any of our other wines,” says Melissa L. Rockwell, direct-to-consumer sales manager at Sparkling Pointe, a North Forth vineyard known for its vast selection of sparkling wines.

Released in September 2020, Sparkling Pointe’s Brut Nature has been in the works since the 2016 vintage.

“The Brut Nature was originally conceived by relying heavily on our reserve wines (those held back and stored in neutral oak and small steel casks from past vintages) to supply the texture and balance that is typically achieved via the final addition of liquor dosage,” Rockwell says.

The blend, which has an ABV of 12.5%, is composed of three types of grapes: 33% Chardonnay, 56% Pinot Noir and 11% Pinot Meunier.

“For me, the aromatics are citrus-led with green apple, some floral, and a bit of that brioche-crispy croissant that comes from the neutral oak aged base wines plus the three years aging on the lees,” Rockwell says. “There is a bit of mineral and dried grassiness that I really enjoy as well. The palate is striking in its dryness (which is the point!), and crisp acidity up front, but it also has a softness to the finish.”

The winery produced 360 cases of Brut Nature. A bottle is $42.00, unless you’re a member of one of Sparkling Pointe’s clubs, then it’s $37.80.

“It has been quite popular and well received at the tasting house,” she says. “Although I think there is a trendiness to the style and even non wine aficionados are compelled by a no-sugar, low-alcohol, low-calorie sparkling wine.”

Sparkling Pointe is located at 39750 County Road 48, Southold. It can be reached at 631-765-0200,

This story first appeared in Long Island Press.

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