Wild Roots Wellness Debuts in Riverhead

Tim Hubbard and Sara Gallitto
Tim Hubbard and Sara Gallitto.
Bridget LeRoy

It seemed like all of Riverhead’s politicians turned out to celebrate the opening of Sara Gallitto’s Wild Roots Wellness on 45 East Main Street. Supervisor Yvette Aguiar cut the ribbon with Gallitto, and Councilwoman Catherine Kent, a member of the Downtown Committee, shared that Wild Roots adds to the burgeoning wellness community that is forming in Riverhead.

Tim Hubbard, another councilman, offered up nostalgia while touring the second-floor wellness center. “Downstairs was Hubbard Appliances,” he says. “That was my dad. And up here were Uncle Seth’s law offices.”

Wild Roots offers holistic nourishment for mind and body with facials, massage, Reiki, yoga, meditation, workshops, and a store offering a carefully curated selection of healthy products.

“Healthy habits and self love are life-long practices and they require consistency and persistence. Our space is not a traditional spa or, a typical yoga studio.  It is a community, a tribe, one big diverse family,” offers Galllitto on her Wild Roots website at wildroots-wellness.com.

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