Learn to Live Artfully at Inaugural Galerie House of Art & Design

Galerie House of Art & Design Sag Harbor
Galerie House of Art & Design Sag Harbor
Courtesy Galerie

The Hamptons is a place of endless beauty and inspiration, making it an ideal workplace for the creative minds of artists and interior designers, and while these two passion-filled professions are incredibly alike, their work can rarely be experienced by the public together in one place—until now. Galerie magazine, which has long showcased the collaborative work of artists and designers according to its mission to inspire readers to “live artfully,” is bringing that concept to Sag Harbor this August with the Galerie House of Art and Design.

The pages of Galerie will come to life as the best of the art and design worlds is put on display for visitors to explore, learn from and purchase for themselves (and for a good cause). The magazine’s editorial team hand-selected a lineup of uniquely talented, art-conscious designers from across the country to bring this vision to life, all of whom go far above and beyond simply “designing the whole room and then putting a pretty picture on the wall,” Galerie editor in chief Jacqueline Terrebonne says. “We really tapped into designers who already use art in powerful ways in their rooms. … They have a love for art and an understanding of how it can transform and almost electrify a space and take it to the next level.”

The lauded roster includes design chair Nicole Fuller along with these designers and firms: Rayman Boozer, Billy Cotton, Mark Cunningham, Geoffrey De Sousa, Dwyer M. Derrig, Benoist Drut, Elena Frampton, Elizabeth Gill, Josh Greene, Ellen Hamilton, André Jordan Hilton, Adam Hunter, Ike Kligerman Barkley, Katie Leede, Leroy Street Studio, Leyden Lewis, Jeff Lincoln, Richard Mishaan, Rocky Rochon, Sara Story and Bob Bakes of Bakes & Kropp Fine Cabinetry.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a house of art and design without showcasing a few galleries, and the roster of featured blue-chip galleries is as impressive as the designers lineup: Friedman Benda, Kasmin Gallery, Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, Galeria Nara Roesler, Perrotin, Salon 94 and Tripoli Gallery.

A sketch of Mark Cunningham's living room design for the Galerie House
A sketch of Mark Cunningham’s living room design for the Galerie House, Courtesy Galerie

“We played matchmaker and paired them up with different designers in the house, and we let them work together on the designer’s vision for the room and come up with it on their own,” Terrebonne explains. “The transformation that (the house) has gone through, the renovation from what it looked like less than a year ago, is absolutely staggering, and I think it really shows the power of design and how you can transform a home.”

The center point of the house is the living room designed by Mark Cunningham, whose open floor plan allows for guests to marvel at his keen-eyed design elements and artwork by Vik Muniz, courtesy of Galeria Nara Roesler, while having space to access the library, terrace and dining room that telescope off from the room.

And speaking of Ellen Hamilton’s dining room, it has been designed as “a dining room at an artist’s house, where friends bring over art and everyone’s engaged in this cool conversation together,” Terrebonne explains. “Nothing is too perfectly matched, but everything has personality.”

Other highlights include Richard Mishaan’s simulated tented bedroom that gives off a mix of old and new world vibes, Nicole Fuller’s wellness-centric spa, Billy Cotton’s downstairs living room with a custom Jack Pierson mural, Ike Kligerman Barkley’s octagonal sitting room replete with a trellis and a live tree growing in the center of the room, Josh Greene’s dressing room with a giant pink-feathered bear holding a shoe by Paola Pivi from Perrotin, Leyden Lewis’s kitchenette by the pool that showcases art by Black artists and plenty more surprises.

While guests are encouraged to take photos and notes of rooms that inspire them, each space will feature a QR code that will list all products used and all art featured, so visitors can begin working on their own artful designs with ease.

“The Galerie House of Art and Design is going to give people so many ideas and inspiration,” Terrebonne says. “Instead of seeing (art) on a white wall in the context of other art, you’re seeing how you can truly live with art and how much it brings to enhance your home, your mood and your outlook on life.”

Sculpture by Bernar Venet at the Galerie House of Art & Design
Sculpture by Bernar Venet, Courtesy Galerie

The Galerie House will also feature several site-specific installations throughout the 12,500-square-foot shingle-style estate and lush grounds to add moments of surprise and wonder. One such sculpture is a monument by legendary French conceptual artist Bernar Venet, whose grand works have been featured in exhibitions across the globe, as well in the pages of Galerie.

“It’s really meaningful for us to have the pages truly come to life and have one of his pieces on this property. They’re stunning in real life,” Terrebonne says. “Animating the grounds with sculptures brings nature and art together in such a great way. … They’re bold; they’re statement-making!”

Proceeds from the inaugural Galerie House of Art and Design will benefit the construction of Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s East Hampton Emergency Department—a much-needed medical facility that intends to ensure that all East End communities have access to the highest quality emergency medicine. “We’re excited to bring them closer to their goal, if not reach it,” Terrebonne says, adding that Galerie founder and editorial director Lisa Fayne Cohen, who has a home in East Hampton, is “so excited” about the chance to help the long-awaited emergency center become a reality.

The 2021 Galerie House of Art and Design is located at 772 Middle Line Highway, Sag Harbor and kicks off with a VIP preview benefit on August 5, followed by a public opening on August 7. The house will be available for viewings through September 7. For more information and tickets, visit galeriemagazine.com.