Oasis Snacks: Delivering the Treats You’re Craving

Oasis Snacks potato chips
Whatever snack you crave, Oasis Snacks has your fave Getty Images

Nowadays, time is precious. No one wants to spend hours going to the grocery store when they can use that time to be productive elsewhere or even just relax. This is where Oasis Snacks comes into play.

This Brooklyn-based company, which was was started in 2017 by Eric and Jeff Kashi, delivers premium snacks and beverages right to your home or business. Within six months of starting Oasis Snacks, it became incorporated and its own successful e-commerce entity.

“Due to a combination of good luck and fortuitous timing, Oasis Snacks was a hit!” says Eric Kashi. “We carry the largest variety of popular and hard to find snacks and beverages and ship your order generally within one business day (often same day). Why carry home a case of your favorite beverage when we can deliver it to you often for similar cost as your local store?”

Oasis Snacks sells thousands of different products including new products that just hit the market, hard-to-find snacks and coveted flavors. Some of the brands that the company carries are Smart Sweets, Essentia Water, Skinny Pop, Hal’s New York and KIND.

The online store carries everything from jerky to candy, so there is truly something for every type of snacker out there. It also allows you to create your own variety packs and assortments that are not offered from the manufacturer.

“In many cases you can pick and choose how many of each flavor beverage or snacks will be included in your variety pack,” explains Kashi.

This is perfect for picky eaters who always end up throwing away the flavors they don’t like. You can even order a sampler case which offers one of each flavor, so that you can try multiple flavors without buying multiple cases. Oasis Snacks also offers a large selection of non-alcoholic spirits and beers.

Since staring the company, Kashi has seen an increase in demand for healthier options when it comes to beverages and snacks. “Low sugar, plant-based, gut healthy and organic options are the categories that are outgrowing the old school choices,” he explains.

This past year, it was harder than ever to score your favorite snacks or essentials from the grocery store, because everything was sold out. This allowed Oasis Snacks to come in and deliver customers everything they needed.

“The COVID pandemic gave Oasis Snacks a big boost in that we are able to deliver to our customers all the products, like cases of water and protein drinks, that were sold out in many local stores,” Kashi says. “We were working seven days a week for four months to make sure all our orders were shipped on time, and we succeeded in creating a large, loyal customer base.”

As for the future, Oasis Snacks hopes to expand its horizons to new states and parts of the country. “We are planning to open a new distribution center in New Jersey followed by two to three additional distribution facilities on the West Coast and central USA to make delivery of products across the USA quick and easy,” Kashi adds.

To learn more about Oasis Snacks, visit oasissnacks.com.

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