Recipe: Townline Chef Bill Valentine’s BBQ Pork Steaks

TownLine BBQ Pork Steaks
TownLine BBQ Pork Steaks
Courtesy of TownLine BBQ

Learn to make Townline BBQ chef/pitmaster Bill Valentine‘s BBQ pork steaks and “Texas wet mop” for a delicious meal from the comfort of home!


1.Cut 1 whole, bone-in pork butt cut into 3-inch-thick slices (yields 3 or 4 steaks)

2. Season the meat liberally with SPG++ (salt, pepper + garlic). Season the meat the day before putting it on the pit.

3. Plan to cook it in a smoker for about 3–4 hours at 210–250° F.

4. Mop the pork steaks liberally with Texas Wet Mop four or five times during the cook. Once the meat becomes tender and the fat begins to crisp on the edges, take it off the pit. Internal temp should be at least 165° F

5. This cut doesn’t have to be falling apart to be done. Let it rest for 30 minutes, then slice against the grain and serve with your favorite barbecue sauce and sides.

6. Enjoy!

SPG++ Ingredients
(yields about a pound once all ingredients combined)

10 oz Kosher salt
4 oz Black pepper
2.5 oz Granulated garlic
0.8 oz Granulated onion
0.8 oz Cayenne pepper
0.8 oz Chili powder

Wet Mop Ingredients

6 oz SPG++
1 qt Vegetable oil
1.5 cup Worcestershire sauce
1 qt Cider vinegar

~This recipe comes to us courtesy of TownLine BBQ,

Townline BBQ Chef Bill Valentine
Townline BBQ Chef Bill ValentineCourtesy TownLine BBQ

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