Hamptons Summer Camp Spotlight: Ross Summer

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Ross Summer surfing campers
Ross School

With an emphasis on education, innovation and a premium experience, the Ross School’s summer camp lineup, collectively called Ross Summer, offers a wide array of programming for kids and teens to enjoy.

The Early Childhood camps for kids up to age 6 are designed to help them experience social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. The weeklong Creative Explorations camps for kids 3–6, split into programs by year, include music, creative dramatics, sports, yoga, Mandarin Chinese and gardening. And the Music and Movement program for tiny tots 2 and under invites caregivers to join in on the fun as campers learn about instruments, musical traditions and singing on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10–11 a.m. Early Childhood camps run June 27 through August 19.

The Immersions camps for ages 7–12 offer a variety of weeklong programs, each focused on a skill campers will develop. Choose from art, performance, naturalist exploration, filmmaking/stop-motion animation, culinary arts, surfing, fashion design or the inventors workshop. While some programs are offered for eight weeks of Ross Summer, a few, such as surfing, are offered as few as two weeks this summer, so parents should prioritize those when planning their child’s various camps.

The Sports camps are for young athletes looking to exercise, train and compete with the help of expert coaches and professionals. Kids can learn tennis (ages 6–16) with Vinicius Carmo and Larri Passos, become a Knicks basketball player (6–14) with Cliff Morgan, develop their soccer skills (6–14) with Irvin Zuzic or enjoy a multisport program (3–11) with Nick Escalante. Tennis and multisport camps are available for 10 weeks (June 20 through August 26), while the others require a bit more scheduling.

Lastly, the Ross Summer Term is designed to provide academic and social support to teens ages 14–18 looking to maximize their summer. Course offerings include algebra, college essay writing, ESOL, precalculus, SAT prep and life skills, among others. Students can register for individual sessions, but in order to receive academic credit for eligible programs, they must register for all six weeks. For additional information about the Ross Summer Term, email [email protected] Contact [email protected] with any questions about Early Childhood, Immersions and Sports camps.

Call 631-907-5376 or visit ross.org/summer for further details. 

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