Something to Wine About: Clovis Point 2019 Petit Verdot

Clovis Point Winery, home of the Clovis Point 2019 Petit Verdot
Clovis Point Winery, home of the Clovis Point 2019 Petit Verdot

Though at times it feels like winter is never going to pry its icy fingers off Long Island, spring really is on the way. And, with the spring comes an urge to drink lighter, yet still refined, red wines. The perfect red to fit that bill is 2019 Clovis Point Petit Verdot.

This petit verdot has nine percent of malbec added. Winemaker John Leo says, “Intense floral aromas and the tense red fruit flavors of petit verdot are softened and broadened by a dose of malbec to bring a bright and lively red with lots of personality.”

Last week we talked about how a wine labeled as a single varietal might include other varietals in the wine in smaller percentages.

The 2019 Clovis Point Petit Verdot has a charred cherry nose with light anise notes. This super dry wine has notes on the palate of cherry, anise, eucalyptus, and earth. This is a tight, structured wine, with excellent, mouthwatering, astringency.

Leo adds, “We want to showcase the grape varieties that grow exceptionally well on the North Fork of Long Island. While it’s easy to offer lesser-known grape varieties and sell novelty, we choose to grow the noble vinifera grape varieties and challenge ourselves to make wines that match up to, or surpass, the quality of wines made in the old world.”

A quick reminder on the noble grape varietals, which are usually discussed in respect to Bordeaux and Bordeaux style wines: A red Bordeaux must have one, or a combination, of the five noble grapes: cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, petit verdot and malbec. Occasionally a sixth grape, carménère, is included. Noble grapes are known to retain their character no matter where planted, and they’re known to produce top quality wine.

The 2019 Clovis Point Petit Verdot retails for $75.

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