Save Water with Smart Irrigation Technology

smart irrigation systems
Installing smart irrigation systems is a smart decision, Photo: RB Irrigation

Finally, smart, affordable technology that can tell you exactly what is going on with your sprinkler system is available for home irrigation. We now have an effective way of measuring and monitoring the water being used by your irrigation system to protect your property.

Saving water has never been easier. Leaks, breaks in irrigation lines or broken sprinkler heads can be quickly detected. Plant health will be greatly improved with less fertilizer needed, reduced disease and fungus to plants. Overwatering and death to plants will be greatly reduced.

One of the greatest advantages of a smart irrigation system is its ability to save water. Generally, traditional watering methods can waste as much as 50% of the water used due to inefficiencies in irrigation, evaporation and overwatering. Your irrigation system should have three things installed to prevent property damage and major water loss: a smart (wi-fi) controller, rain/freeze sensors and a flow meter.

Flow meters measure and monitor your irrigation system’s water use and detect leaks, breaks in irrigation lines or broken sprinkler heads. Flow meters protect your landscape and alert your system of any overwatering or underwatering which can result in plant death.

Irrigation uses a lot of water to water your lawn and gardens so it would be beneficial to install an irrigation flow meter for a healthy property.

As water bills continue to rise, people are seeking ways and methods that will help reduce water waste. A flow meter controls the amount of water that is received by a plant, making sure the water is properly used, and it will send alerts to the controller if any issues are detected.

There is more motivation to monitor and manage your irrigation system to achieve more efficiency as the cost of water continues to rapidly increase. While some irrigation controllers can overwhelm users with programming options, a flow meter is a simple addition to almost any irrigation system.

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