Fun with Furry Friends: 5 East End Dog Parks & Hamptons Beach Rules for Dogs

Dogs playing in what could be East End dog parks
Find your dog fun and companionship at an East End dog park
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Summer on the East End can be a great time for dogs, especially at local dog parks! Visit these Hamptons and North Fork dog parks to get your best friend some exercise and socialization in a safe, fenced-in environment, or head to the beach, but make sure to be responsible and follow the in-season rules for dogs this summer.

Hamptons Dog Parks

Springs Dog Park
Three Mile Harbor Road, Springs

This massive, 20-acre park is a fenced-in space for dogs to run, play and explore off-leash. A bit more natural than other parks, there are three trails and an open grassy field, but no poop bags are provided and it has no separate sections for large and small dogs, so bring your own bags, which can be dumped in park garbage cans, and enter at your own risk, especially with small and toy breeds.

Visitors must be responsible for their dogs’ behavior, and should feel confident that dogs will remain near them — while the area is fenced, it can be quite difficult to keep track of and catch a runaway canine through the huge, wooded area. And both owner and dog should wear tick protection, such as bug spray and light clothing (for people) and Frontline, NexGard, etc. for pups.

Open dawn to dusk, year-round.

Southampton Dog Park
205 Windmill Lane, Southampton Village

On an acre of grass with benches and trees for shade, the Southampton Dog Park was created at Lola Prentice Memorial Park in 2014, thanks to a petition with more than 600 signatures from eager dog owners and some $80,000 in donations that paid for fencing, 15 parking spaces, signage and its signature 20-foot, metal abstract red dog sculpture. Donor names are forever honored, carved into stones on the grounds. The park offers poop bags in dispensers and garbage cans, as well as double-gate entrances and exits for large and small dog areas.

Open dawn to dusk, year-round.


North Fork Dog Parks

Duke Dog Park
Stotzky Memorial Park, Riverhead (between Columbus Avenue and Pulaski Street)

This 1-acre park in downtown Riverhead includes separate, fenced-in, double-gated areas for large and small dogs to safely run and socialize off-leash. The grass and dirt grounds have some tree cover for shade, as well as poop bags, garbage cans, benches and picnic tables so owners can also enjoy some socializing. As part of ongoing improvement efforts, the Riverhead Parks Department recently added a water source, which is turned on during the warmer months. Stotzky Park bathrooms are available nearby to meet human needs.

Open dawn to dusk, year-round.

Isaac Dog Park
Veterans Memorial Park at EPCAL, Calverton (5789 Middle County Road)

Another 1-acre dog park overseen by Riverhead Town with separate, fenced-in and double-gated sections for large and small dogs, Isaac Dog Park has grass grounds, trees for shade, poop bag dispensers, trash bins, benches and picnic tables. A recently added water source is on-site and flowing during warm-weather months, and a porta potty is available for owner comfort.

Open dawn to dusk, year-round.

Southold Dog Park
970 Peconic Lane, Peconic

Split into separate, fenced-in and double-gated sections for small and large dogs across 1 acre behind the Southold Rec Center, both areas of the park offer benches along the perimeter inside the fence, as well as trash cans, poop bag dispensers, minimal trees and a beautiful shaded pavilion with picnic table, benches and wood decking where owners can relax while their pups play. The large dog section has a water source and both have wood chips on the ground.

Open dawn to dusk year-round.

Hamptons Beach Rules for Dogs

Dog parks aren’t the only place to bring your pup out for a good time. Many local ocean beaches happily welcome dogs, but you must learn and follow the rules.

Lucy dog bichon frise on the beach in the Hamptons or dog parks
Dogs love time on the beach, but humans must follow the rules!Oliver Peterson

East Hampton

Dog owners must keep dogs under control, cleaned up after (poop bag dispensers and trash bins are available at most beaches) and kept out of protected bird nesting areas year-round, though other restrictions are lifted in the off-season (according to dates designated by the town or village). See our Beach Guide to learn which beaches are under town or village jurisdiction.

East Hampton Town Ocean Beaches

During the summer season (May 15–September 15), dogs are permitted on East Hampton Town beaches, but restrictions apply from 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Between these hours, dogs are permitted 500 feet from a paved road end, though there are some exceptions for beaches listed in the East Hampton Town Code section 91-5B(2)(a) through (d) (visit for details). Dogs may traverse the beach through a restricted area if they are manually restrained with a leash and headed to or from an unrestricted area.

East Hampton Town Bay Beaches

From May 15–September 15, between the hours of 10 a.m.–6 p.m. dogs must be 300 feet in either direction from a paved road end, and they must also be manually restrained when traversing through the restricted area.

East Hampton Village Beaches

Dog are not permitted on East Hampton Village beaches from May 15 to September 15 between 9 a.m.– 6 p.m. At all other times during this period, dogs must be manually restrained with a leash within areas that are 300 feet of any road end along ocean beaches.


Dogs are permitted on all Southampton Town-owned beaches from October 1 through March 30, provided they are under the immediate supervision and control of a human companion, all waste is removed (poop bag dispensers and trash bins are available at most beaches) and they remain at least 50 feet from any symbolic fencing or areas posted for protection of piping plovers and other endangered species.

Southampton Town Beaches

From April 1–October 1, dogs are allowed on ocean and bay beach areas within 150 feet of an access road regulated as a “Parking by Permit Only” area only before 9 a.m. and after 6 p.m. They are otherwise prohibited during the season.

Southampton Village Beaches

From May 15–September 15, dogs are permitted on all Southampton Village beaches except Coopers Beach (no dogs allowed), provided they are restrained by a leash and owners pick up after them.

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