Montauk Airport Buyer a Mystery

Montauk Airport has a new owner!
Montauk Airport has a new owner!

Privately owned Montauk Airport has a new director following its recent purchase by an unknown buyer that has questions swirling about who the new owner may be and how much they paid.

The only certainty is that the buyer is definitely not the Town of East Hampton, which issued a news release June 28 stating that it was in negotiations with the prior owners to acquire the airport, but that deal fell through.

“From the town’s perspective, throughout the negotiations, the price to acquire Montauk Airport was not an impediment to completing a purchase,” the town said in its statement. “Ultimately, the insurmountable obstacle for the town was the sellers’ preferred structure for the transaction, which was not legally possible for the town to conclude due to its status as a public entity.”

The deal came as the town is in court fighting lawsuits challenging its attempt to convert Wainscott-based East Hampton Airport from public to private and enact flight restrictions to mitigate noise complaints.

Montauk Airport’s new, unidentified owners have reportedly hired Neil Blainey as the airport’s new director. Even he doesn’t know who the new owners are, The Daily Beast reported.

“The town looks forward to working with the new ownership of the Montauk Airport to ensure that the community’s concerns regarding noise and environmental impacts from aircraft are addressed to the fullest extent possible,” East Hampton said.

Montauk Airport grabbed headlines back in 2012 when it was listed for sale at $18 million, though the recent sale price could be much different a decade hence. The property listing at that time included approximately 37 acres surrounded by over 1,000 acres of reserve, along with an 3,200-foot asphalt runway, a 24 x 17 main office with bath, one 45 x 36 permanent hanger and four portable hangers.

When will the owner be revealed? Stay tuned.

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