Emmy-Winning Mentalist Oz Pearlman Will Blow Minds at WHBPAC August 21

Oz Pearlman is coming back to WHBPAC
Oz Pearlman is coming back to WHBPAC
Luciana Golcman

For his second time performing in the Hamptons, accomplished mentalist Oz Pearlman returns to the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center on August 21.

Since a young age, Pearlman has been fascinated by playing mind games on others. In 2005, Pearlman decided to leave his Wall Street job to make his hobby a dream come true. It was a hard and difficult road to success but that didn’t stop Pearlman from achieving his goal.

“There is no playbook to become a mentalist, you have to carve out your own path and figure it out for yourself and so, for me, I was very good at it. I really enjoy and love it, and I decided to take a leap of faith where it wasn’t an overnight success. I didn’t quit my job and the next day become a superstar; it took a lot of hard work,” he says.

Pearlman started getting attention from the masses when he was seen on the show America’s Got Talent in 2015, where not only did he blow the minds of the judges but everyone around the world who was watching. Shortly after, Pearlman was seen on TV shows like NBC’S Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and others.

In 2019, Pearlman won an Emmy Award and his career has been steadily rising. Looking back Pearlman realizes how much he loves his job, and even though there are challenges that he has to face, he still believes he made the right decision.

“Traveling can be difficult. I’ve been on the road sometimes three to five days a week, but I think I made the right choice. Now I get to do what I love — I get to travel the world and get to meet new people that are interesting all the time. I get to bring joy. When I leave the stage, everyone is usually in a great mood. It’s a fun job,” he says.

The best part of Pearlman’s work is that each show is a new and exciting experience. It is Pearlman’s philosophy to include the audience in his performance in order to give them a better experience. Pearlman believes that the audience is a key element of what he does. “What makes my shows unique is the level of audience interaction,” Pearlman says. “If you’re really watching a magician, a magician could do a card trick or saw a woman in half, but a mind reading show means you have to have participants, otherwise there is no show.”

Over the last decade, Pearlman has been to more than 40 countries, blowing minds with his mind-reading tricks.

As well as being a mentalist, Pearlman enjoys athletics and spending time with his family. He runs marathons and endurance races worldwide, such as the Spartathlon 153-Mile Run, Hawaii Ironman World Championships, Badwater 135-Mile Run and the Western States 100-Mile Run. He has won dozens of races nationwide but seeks to pursue his biggest feat of endurance yet.

“On August 4, I’m going to be running from Montauk to Manhattan in one day,” Pearlman says.

Many have described Oz Pearlman as the busiest mentalist in the country, but his job doesn’t stop him from spending time with his friends and family, and the Hamptons is one of Pearlman’s favorite places to enjoy family time.

“Spending summer in the Hamptons is amazing because my kids who are 5-, 4- and 2-year-olds, are getting to grow up here. There is the beach and pool. The atmosphere is a change from the city. We are at the beach all the time, get to ride bikes and have a backyard. We get to live a more lowkey lifestyle than when you’re in the city where everything is fast paced. The natural beauty out here is incredible,” Pearlman says.

A beautiful and engaging audience greeted Pearlman when he performed in the Hamptons the last time in 2018. “It was a great time and people were ready to have fun,” he says.

Now, an all-new experience awaits the audience at Pearlman’s upcoming August 21 performance at WHBPAC.

For tickets and more info, visit whbpac.org.

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