Recipe: Chefs Randy Santos & Howard Anderson’s Salmon Tartare

Navy Beach chefs Randy Santos & Howard Anderson’s Salmon Tartare
Randy Santos & Howard Anderson’s tartare
Eric Striffler

This exquisite dish tastes as good as it looks. From their spot at The End, chefs Randy Santos and Howard Anderson of Montauk’s Navy Beach display their culinary creativity with this salmon tartare recipe.

Randy Santos & Howard Anderson’s Salmon Tartare

Ingredients, Yuzu Soy for Salmon Tartare
(makes 4 quarts)

light soy sauce – 4 cups
orange juice (fresh & zest) – 6 cups and zest
yuzu – 2 cups
sesame oil – 1 tsp.
ginger, grated – 1.5 tbsp.
orange ponzu, scallion, toasted sesame and crispy rice noodles


Raw salmon is diced and tossed with chives & shallots. Once tossed, press into a cylinder (ring mold) and served with an orange ponzu (yuzu, light soy sauce & orange juice, sesame oil & fresh grated ginger).

The salmon is topped with sliced scallions and toasted white sesame seeds, and fried rice noodles.

Contains: lily, sesame seed & sesame oil, gluten (soy)

This recipe comes to us courtesy of Navy Beach restaurant in Montauk,

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