Exploring Wölffer Estate Fatalis Fatum 2019

Wölffer Estate Fatalis Fatum 2019
Wölffer Estate Fatalis Fatum 2019

Every now and then you get the chance to sample a wine that’s just super special and really stands alone. The Wölffer Estate red blend Fatalis Fatum 2019 is one of those wines.

Wölffer Estate Fatalis Fatum 2019

This is a Bordeaux-style blend that may well have you feeling transported to the storied wine region in France. It comprises sustainably farmed grapes.

The composition is: 63% merlot, 26.4% cabernet Franc, 8.9% cabernet sauvignon, and 1.7% petit verdot. The wine spent 20 months in French oak and once opened and tasted will most definitely spend very little time in the bottle.

It is lovely in the glass. A beautiful garnet ring lies above the deep purple wine. When first opened, the nose is of bright, fresh cherry. The palate has light notes of earth, tobacco and licorice.

This medium-bodied wine is layered and structured with an elegant yet assertive finish.

While this wine pairs beautifully with foods such as red or gamey meats, rich mushroom dishes and aged cheeses, it is absolutely decadently delicious with dark chocolate. And, it also drinks beautifully on its own.

The wine’s tasting notes suggest decanting for an hour before serving to allow the flavors to fully open.

The name, Fatalis Fatum, means “the decision is final” in Latin. This wine is fantastic in any language, and it retails for $40.

 For more, Wölffer Estate wines, visit wolffer.com.

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