Single Married Divorced Sparkling Debuts at Westhampton Fine Wine

Single Married Divorced sparkling wine products
Single Married Divorced sparkling wine

Westhampton Fine Wine is hosting a special tasting event to debut Quogue resident Irena Patar’s new Single Married Divorced sparkling wine brand made in France’s Loire Valley.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day next month, the event takes place on Saturday, February 4 from 2–5 p.m. in the Westhampton Fine Wine shop, located at 171 Montauk Highway in Westhampton Beach.

As CEO of Single Married Divorced, Patar says her sparkling product “puts relationship status front and center” and is “the perfect bubbly for everyone no matter what their relationship status might be.”

Three bottles of the sparkling brut are available, each with one of the three states of being married, or not, written boldly on the label with either: Single, Married or Divorced and a corresponding graphic featuring one ring, two intersecting rings or a pair of rings separated by a line.

Irena Patar, CEO of Single Married Divorced
Irena Patar, CEO of Single Married Divorced

The tasting announcement points out that Patar “feels emotion, has a sensitivity most of us lost years ago” and that she understands people and believes everyone should stand proud and celebrate who they are. “Single Married Divorced is her proclamation to the world that, despite all our differences, it’s those differences that should be celebrated.”

Describing her brand inspiration, Patar says there are times when people need a “single” night out — without their spouse. There are times when folks need to feel “married” – with a desire to rekindle or celebrate their romance; and there is a time to feel “divorced” – needing an extended (yet still faithful) break from their partner.

And while we can celebrate love and maintain a healthy relationship, the CEO says it’s never healthy to live in someone’s shadow. “Don’t let your relationship define you,” Patar adds. “Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Let’s live it up and celebrate!”

Call 631-288-0138 or visit for details.

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