The 1st East End Bake-Off, A Competition with a Cause

The East End Bake-Off, Competition with a Cause, brought the East End community together for a scrumptious competition that also helped raise awareness and funds for a great cause. Top bakers from the area were tasked with creating the most delectable baked bar.

With names like Jerri’s Cakery and Confections, The Savory Fig and Dorothy’s Baking Company among the competitors, competition was tough. With special guest judges Billy Baldwin and Kathleen King and a visitors’ voting panel, everyone had a say in who made the best baked goods. The winning baker took home the coveted People’s Choice Award.

This event showcased some of the East End’s best bakers whilst also helped raise awareness for the meaningful employment opportunities provided by South Fork Bakery for folks with disabilities on the East End. The event was generously sponsored by The Golden Pear and Domaine Franey Wines and Spirits, and turned out to be a wonderful experience where the community could come together and enjoy some delicious treats made in the name of a great cause.