The village may be relieved to lose "Happiest Seaside Town" contest
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WSJ Says Sag Harbor Ain’t So Happy

WSJ Says Sag Harbor Ain’t So Happy

Following months of voting and deliberation, Sag Harbor was NOT named “America’s Happiest Seaside Town” by Coastal Living magazine. The historic former whaling port was one of 10 finalists, named among lovely spots like Harwich Port, Massachusetts, Kennebunkport, Maine, La Jolla, California, Newport, Rhode Island, and of course, the winner, Beaufort, South Carolina. But The Wall Street Journal published an article last week claiming that many Sag Harbor residents were likely thrilled that their village didn’t win.

In the story, WSJ reporter Lucette Lagnado quotes Save Sag Harbor president and local gadfly Mia Grosjean, who says it perfectly:  “Is Sag Harbor a happy place? No, Sag Harbor is not about happy,” she told Lagnado, noting that Main Street businesses might enjoy the moniker, but maybe not average residents who would have to endure an even greater influx of tourists.

Coastal Living probably made the right choice anyway. As local publicist Robbie Vorhaus told WSJ, “Any other place would be thrilled… But in Sag Harbor, it created angst to be nominated as the happiest village in America.”

Click the link to read, “Looking for a Super Jovial Place? You Might Want to Skip Sag Harbor” in The Wall Street Journal online.

Follow the link to see Coastal Living‘s “Happiest Seaside Towns” for 2013. Sag Harbor placed fourth.

Sag Harbor Windmill

Photo, Pamela V White

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