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A Horseless Horse Show

A Hamptons horse show — with no horses?

Let me explain. It works like a horse show, with jumps and time and faults but the kids do this on their own, not with a horse. I saw this a few years ago on “Saddle Club” the television series, but this time I was a player. The event was for the Center for Therapeutic Riding on the East End. Under Karen Bocksel’s guidance horses are used to help special needs kids.

There were four riding events where the kids followed the course and jumped the hurdles – no horse. Think of it like the Hampton Classic with riders without horses. It was great fun and such a cool idea. I participated in two events. I came in fourth in the first one and in the second I ran so hard to try to win that I knocked over a hurdle. Lots of kids got ribbons and all the kids had a blast. Watch for other CTREE events. I know I will.

If you’d like Emily to possibly attend your event for Dan’s please e-mail david@nextisland.com and maybe we will see you there.  

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