Dr. Kenneth Mark Marks Ten Years Practicing In The Hamptons

Dr. Kenneth Mark
Dr. Kenneth Mark

This summer, renowned fellowship-trained cosmetic dermatologist and Mohs skin
cancer surgeon Dr. Kenneth Mark rings in ten years of practicing in the Hamptons.  A Long Island native and year-round resident of the region, Dr. Mark has offices in both East Hampton and Southampton.  Marking ten years of practice in the Hamptons, he has become a prominent resident and a trusted dermatologist for vacationing socialites and distinguished locals alike.

This time of year, many  people stay out in the sun for too long and damage their skin, and Dr. Mark is one of the leading people out here to go to

Dr. Mark brings unique expertise in cosmetic dermatology to the Hamptons as a Fellow of the American College of Mohs Surgery.  There are only about 80 nationally recognized Mohs fellowships in the US, and Dr. Kenneth Mark is considered an expert in the field, which is an extremely advanced minimally invasive treatment for skin cancer that
minimizes scarring and has the highest cure rate.  His experience, artistry and precision with this technique allow him to effectively treat skin cancer, which one in five Americans will get in their lifetime, with very little cosmetic damage. [expand]

Dr. Mark’s skill and attention to detail in treating skin cancer translates seamlessly to a multitude of cosmetic procedures including botox, fillers, laser surgery and reconstructive surgery, making him a sought-after authority for all aspects of cosmetic dermatology.

Beyond his Hamptons-based practices, Dr. Mark has offices in Manhattan and Aspen. Dr. Mark is also a Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at NYU, where he supervises the advanced facial surgery clinic, allowing him to give back to the world-renowned program that trained him, while also giving back to our nation’s veterans, as he teaches at
the Manhattan Veterans’ Affairs Hospital.

Congrats on 10 years Dr. Mark! [/expand]

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