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7 Easy Energy Exercises: Tune up your “Chakras”

Chakra” is the word for “wheel” or “disk” in the strange but beautiful Sanskrit language of India, one of the most ancient languages known. The concept of our personal “Chakras” comes from yoga and refers to a visualization of seven energy “doorways” along our spine connecting us to the universal life force. Amy and Monte’s quick Chakra workout is designed to recharge and refresh us, and to reduce stress.

Each of your Chakras is visualized as a very specific color. Your Chakras are said to ascend up your spine in the following order, mirroring the progression of the seven vibrations/colors of the rainbow: [expand]

 1) The fiery red of our first Chakra, located at the base of our spine near the coccyx, is where the powerful, primal life energy of our “kundalini,” another Sanskrit word for our animal instincts for self-preservation, lies like a coiled serpent waiting to be awakened by our divinely inspired higher will so it can climb up our spine and complete the energizing and balancing of our Chakras.
2) Next, the orange-colored second Chakra is located opposite our reproductive organs and is associated with our sexuality and creativity.
3) The golden yellow-colored third Chakra is opposite our navel and is connected to our self-assertion as we shape and expand our being in the world.
4) The green fourth Chakra is opposite the heart and connected to our ability to love and our ability to feel the love of others toward us.
5) The blue fifth Chakra is opposite the throat and is associated with communication, knowledge and self-expression.
6) The indigo sixth Chakra is located in the brow at the point where many spiritual people say our “third eye” is located and serves to directly connect us to all other beings through compassionate, holistic thought and psychic communication.
7) Finally, our violet seventh “crown” Chakra is located at the top of our brain. Besides serving as our connection to the energy of the universe, it is connected with our devotion and identification with causes and forces beyond our individual selves.
A person desiring to attain optimum health and a higher state of awareness focuses their attention on a single word or sound or on their breathing until an alpha brain-wave producing state of relaxed awareness is achieved. The energy of the universe is then visualized as flowing the various colors into the seventh or Crown Chakra, located in the brain. Then this energy is visualized as flowing down freely to each of the other Chakra positions and their colors in turn. When all of the Chakras are open and flowing freely, the body is healthy and the mind and spirit are in harmony with the universal plan.
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