More Photos from Irene in the Hamptons

Photos of storm damage caused by Hurricane Irene continue to circulate in the Hamptons. Here are just a few pictures from before and after the hurricane taken by Dan’s Papers own Tom Ratcliffe, Ellen DioguardiLori Berger and me. If you have photos and/or video from Hurricane Irene or the aftermath that you’d like to share, we’d love to see them. Send them to me at [email protected].


Lori Berger’s (Dan’s Papers inside sales manager) car suffered some tree damage! You’ll get a new one, Lori!

Look out Lori’s window—hot tub havoc!

Photo by Tom Ratcliffe (Ad Executive) of businesses in Sag Harbor preparing for the storm.

Noyac tree damage (Photo by Ellen Dioguardi)

Mill Lane, East Hampton (Photo by David Rattiner)

A home in Noyac (Photo by Ellen Dioguardi)


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