North Fork Visions: Carol Gold

The North Fork of Long Island is a haven of beaches, boats and bucolic scenes that stay with you long after you’ve spent a summer day among them. Those looking for a way to capture their essence need look no further than the seascapes and landscapes of Mattituck artist Carol Gold, one of the artists whose works will be on display at the Dan’s Papers Cover Art Show & Cocktail Party on August 20 at Seasons of Southampton.

How does the East End of Long Island, particularly the North Fork, inspire your work? Painting so close to Long Island Sound, it’s possible to hear the clanging of a buoy, party boats fishing nearby, and to feel invigorated by the almost constant offshore breeze and nearness of water. Beaches on the Sound, with their glacial rocks and cliffs, and places on Peconic Bay and Mattituck Inlet, provide endless compositional variations for my landscape paintings. I try to translate their spatial scale and mood onto the canvas.

What is special about having your work on a Dan’s Papers cover? It’s gratifying to be selected and appreciated by a publication with such a discerning readership. Seen and read at leisure in their homes, the Dan’s cover art and interview provide the perfect artistic showcase.

What does it mean to you to be part of the East End artists community? Artists benefit by being able to survey the focus and development of many other artists, to view art and to meet together, discuss their work, and collaborate on upcoming exhibitions.

Are there any subjects you would still like to explore as an artist? To paint boats on waterways yet to be visited and gardens yet to be discovered would be inspirational.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? I have always loved fishing and boating. Landscape gardening is another sort of artistry for me, and travel challenges me to utilize new subject matter and imagery in my oil paintings.

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