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Review: Boa Thai

There’s a new Thai restaurant …it’s reasonably priced and only minutes away – on Noyac Road in North Sea (Southampton)! It’s pretty and welcoming and there’s outdoor seating! This is a dream come true!

Boa Thai is named for the Boahirunya family who owns and runs it.

How’s the food? Check it out:

My party started out by tasting the Chicken Satay – marinated chicken in Thai curry and herbs served with peanut sauce. You can’t beat meat on a stick! [expand]

Then we tried Boa Thai’s Spring Rolls – ground pork, cabbage and glass noodles wrapped in rice paper deep fried and served with sweet hot sauce. What’s hotter than “piping hot”? These babies were right out of the oil, a remarkably crisp, light wrap. The texture was firm, not messy.

We also tried the Wing Lao Dang – chicken wings deep-fried with the house red sauce. As a point of reference, these wings are sweeter than Buffalo wings, not so spicy hot, but just as messy. We liked them.

Chefs Patrick and Deer kept delivering the goods and our servers Apple and Eve were as lovely as they are polite.

We also tried a Pra Goong – a salad of grilled shrimp over greens including mint, with lemongrass-lime dressing. There were a lot of shrimp and they had some heat. The mint balanced everything nicely.

We also sampled the Nur Nam Tok, marinated New York Strip Steak grilled with Thai chili sauce served with a side salad. There is considerable heat to this meat. My he-man husband quite liked it.

Our son had the Red Curry – shrimp, scallops, squid and mussels prepared with coconut milk, red curry paste, red and green peppers, basil, bamboo shoots and zucchini. He downed it, followed quickly by two Thai iced teas. Then he lay back on the banquette to digest in bliss.

Husband enjoyed the Kee Mao Talay – stir-fried flat noodles with seafood and a special Thai herb sauce. He found it “nice and spicy.”

I ordered what I always order given the opportunity – Pad Thai. Chicken and shrimp stir-fried with rice noodles, crispy fresh bean sprouts, egg and scallions. With a squeeze of lime…oh yeah! I was about two thirds in when I realized what was missing – those disgusting raw green beans that most Thai places throw on with abandon. There were no fuzzy green monsters in sight – thank you, Boa Thai!

The Jasmine Rice was perfectly cooked and nicely sticky. Expect to run into me at Boa Thai soon.

They don’t yet have their liquor license at Boa, which begs the delicious question, what wine to bring along to accompany one’s Thai food…?

Yes! They do take-out!

Boa Thai-Asian Fusion, 129 Noyac Road, North Sea, Southampton. 631-488-4422.

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