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The Art of Cheese Pairing

Pairing cheese and wine—or cheese and fruit, cheese with charcuterie, cheese and, well, anything—is not so much a science as an art. Creating a masterpiece depends on your own tastes and vision, much like the works of the top East End artists who will be at the Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Show & Cocktail Party on Saturday, August 20—where three cheeses from Jarlsberg USA (you can visit them here) will be among the delicious food and drink of the evening.

As for the wine and cheese pairing, white wines such as dry Riesling and unoaked Chardonnay are the traditional choices, but don’t be afraid to try a red wine—there are no rules!

Here are some more tips from MyGourmetConnection.com for the trio of cheeses— Jarlsberg, Woolwich Dairy’s Triple Creme Goat Brie and The Gran Maestre Manchego Semicurado—you’ll be enjoying while you meet the artists, take in the silent auction and more:

Jarlsberg: A mild cow’s milk cheese with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor and smooth texture. It pairs well with cubed or thin-sliced turkey, crisp seedless grapes and buttered pumpernickel rounds.

Woolwich Dairy’s Triple Creme Goat Brie: A soft-ripened goat’s milk cheese from Canada. It has a fresh grassy flavor and a rich, creamy texture. It’s delicious served with the subtle spice of Black Forest ham and a condiment with tangy, fruit flavors like a homemade chutney.

The Gran Maestre Manchego Semicurado (also available under the Villacenteno label): A sheep’s milk cheese from Spain that has been aged for 3 months to produce a nutty, buttery flavor. Serve with dry-cured ham, preferably a Spanish Serrano or Italian Prosciutto, and accompany the pairing with fresh or dried figs and spice-toasted almonds.

Click here to get your tickets now for the Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Show & Cocktail Party on Saturday, August 20, at Seasons of Southampton!


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