Well It’s About Time AT&T!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m driving and on my cell phone (using my bluetooth of course) through the Hamptons, I get cut out just about every five minutes. In fact, it is so bad, that I try to give out as much information as possible while talking and begin speaking in code so that if my phone does cut out, I’ll have given out the information needed. “I’ll be there at 6 p.m., will bring beer and burger, phone may drop, going through a bad….” click.

@#[email protected]#[email protected]#~~!!!!!!!

Well, according to AT&T this morning, you won’t be having this problem in the Hamptons anymore. Sweet! Just in time for the end of the summer!!!

Why oh why couldn’t have they done this sooner?

Here is an excerpt in their press statement today.

The network enhancement adds new layers of frequency, also known as “carriers,” to 13 cell sites throughout the Hamptons including, Southampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton and in Amaganset along the Montauk Highway to more efficiently manage available spectrum and increase mobile broadband capacity.

“Whether you’re at the beach or shopping in the Hamptons, we want you to have an extraordinary network experience,” said Tom DeVito Vice President and General Manager for AT&T, New York and New Jersey. “As part of the communities in the Hamptons, we’re always looking for new opportunities to provide an enhanced customer experience and our investment in the local wireless network is just one way we’re accomplishing that.”

I’m glad this finally happened, but I’d hate to tell you that it didn’t take a rocket science to figure out that AT&T service has been terrible for years out on the East End, the same is true for all of the carriers out here. Have you ever tried to get a cell phone signal at Gurney’s Inn in Montauk? Good luck. I’ve seen tourists erect private tours built out of aluminum foil to get service out there.

For me, that will be the real test of this news that AT&T service will get better in the Hamptons. If I can drive through Montauk and still have service the whole time. And also by Stephen Hands Path in East Hampton near the bridge. That’s a guaranteed drop call.

Hopefully we will soon be stuck in traffic on our bluetooth’s at peace with the world.


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