Ask the Expert: Messages from Beyond

As the host and producer of her own TV show, Beyond the Unexplained, psychic/medium/spiritual advisor Janet Russell has been answering people’s questions with an ability to predict events and communicate messages from those who’ve “passed over.” With what she calls an “extraordinary gift to help others to bring closure and to let those know they are here always to help us along,” Janet Russell will be here every month to answer your questions.

The Question: Are there signs people get from those loved ones that are passed over?
Janet Russell says… Yes. Many times when I do my group events with those family members who want answers, those in Spirit usually give me detailed messages. If there is a woman who has passed, the loved ones usually smell roses or lilacs. With men, it’s usually their cologne, or if they were a smoker, a cigar or pipe or even a cigarette smell.

Many times they will show themselves as birds. For women it’s usually the robin, and for the men it’s a blue jay. For either it’s usually a cardinal. I always find that when a person finds a feather or coins, it’s also messages from their beloved.

Do you get certain responses from those on the other side about how they passed over?
Janet Russell says… 
Yes, it’s funny, I do get certain signs—such as, if they died from cancer, the women always show me by pointing to their chest. If they have had a stroke, I can actually feel one of my sides as if I have had some sort of paralysis. If it’s a heart attack, I can feel the pain in the center of my heart. Usually when they are intubated prior to their passing, they speak almost in a whisper.

Do they ever send anyone to replace them?
Janet Russell says… I laugh at that question, because yes, they do. It may not be the person that we would choose, but they feel that it’s someone that they want to replace them.

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