Ask the Expert: Planting and Prepping for Winter

Despite what the thermometer says, winter is on its way to the Hamptons, and there is no time like the present to start preparing your yard for the harsh weather ahead. From blowing leaves to winterizing your irrigation system to fall planting for spring blooms, we turned to Hamptons East Landscaping for their expert tips.

The Question: Everyone is blowing leaves. Should I clean them out from under the bushes or just my lawn?

The Answer from Hamptons East Landscaping: Blow out all the leaves except from under new plantings to protect the roots.

The Question: To save money, I want blow out the lines of my own irrigation systems. How do I do it?

The Answer: A professional will use a tow-behind compressor with high CFM (cubic feet per minute) output to properly blow out the system. Portable units do not have the same pressure, which can result in water left behind that can freeze the lines! The small amount you may have saved doing it yourself may cost you much more if you need to run new lines in the spring!

The Question: How do I save money, time and still keep my property looking pristine while not having to deal with five companies?

The Answer: It’s a vicious cycle—the landscaper blames the irrigation company, the pool company blames the fertilization company, and the landscaper blames everyone. Why cut the lawn on Friday if you serviced the pool on Thursday? Why is the irrigation running—it’s pouring outside!? Why isn’t the irrigation running more—it’s 100 degrees out? Why is the irrigation running during the day? Why isn’t the pool heater on? Why are there weeds in the drive? The list goes on and on…

We suggest you find a company that handles multiple tasks. You ultimately save money and you only have to deal with one instead of five companies.

The Question: Is this a good time to plant mums for the holidays?

The Answer: Yes, these are hardy plants you can still plant them now. All bulbs should be planted now—including tulips & daylilies—but water is not needed.

The Question: What winter tips can you offer for a large property?

The Answer: Flag your driveway with four-foot poles so plows have a path to come in without doing damage. Flag your oil and gas tank, too.

Bonus Tip of the Week: Now is the time to apply Wilt-Pruf to all your rhododendrons and hollies.

Have your own questions about getting your yard ready for fall and winter? You can contact Hamptons East Landscaping at (631) 885-2627 or at You might even see your questions answered here at Ask the Expert. 

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