Some Tim Tebow Love from a Hamptons Jets Fan

David Rattiner Tebowing In Front Of Dan's Papers
David Rattiner Tebowing In Front Of Dan's Papers

To all of you NY Jets fans out there in the Hamptons, I feel your pain. That game was difficult to watch last night. I never felt so comfortable with a Jets lead as I did last night in the final minutes of the Broncos game. Yes, Mark Sanchez threw his sixth pick. No, Rex Ryan wasn’t looking too happy. But Tim Tebow’s throwing arm simply sucks, and he was on his own 5-yard line. The game was over as far as I was concerned.

Then I got Tim Tebowed.

I watched with a combination of horror, amazement and respect as this kid shoved his rushing game down the throats of the Jets defense. I really couldn’t believe it. It was like someone hit a switch on Tim Tebow and he simply said, “Okay, I accept that I suck at throwing, so I’m going to go old- school Florida Gators on these guys and see what happens.”

And that’s exactly what he did. He ran it right down the field, play after play, for 95 freaking yards. I genuinely didn’t like seeing Tebow in the NFL until last night. But I get it now. The kid can’t pass, but holy crap, he can run—and I think he’s pretty much changing the entire game plan of what it can mean to be an NFL quarterback right before our very eyes.

It was almost as if the Jets defense was under some kind of magical spell in the final minutes last night. Like they were hypnotized. All of us were, I think.

As much as it pains me to say it, I have to respect Tim Tebow. It’s his ability to completely shut out the naysayers and the status quo and simply find a way to win—so much so that he has lifted the Denver Broncos to being a serious contender to win the AFC West.

I love this time of year—the NFL is just pure magic. But my heart breaks because it’s just too damn early for the Jets season to feel over. I shouldn’t say that it’s over, but the Patriots have a pretty easy road to go and the Jets haven’t shown they’re ready or able to do what it takes to get back to the playoffs. The loss last night was just stupid. I don’t know what else to say. But I do know what to do.

Tim Tebow pretty much blew my mind yesterday, so much so that I “Tebowed” in front of the Dan’s Papers office today. I figured it couldn’t hurt.

Stay strong Jets fans. It’s not over. And if you start to feel too down, you can always take a knee…

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