What The Heck Is Up With All Of These Fires In The Hamptons Lately?

I salute our volunteer fire departments in the Hamptons this week. If you see any of these fine men and women in the street, stop them to shake their hand and to say thank you. They have been busy.

One of my favorite places to get coffee and an egg sandwich in East Hampton went up in flames on Tuesday And it wasn’t just a small fire, the entire building was a blaze. The eatery that most of us know is right by the East Hampton YMCA and is known as The Hampton Market Place.  (Remember when it was called the Chicken House? God I’m getting old).

5 firefighters from East Hampton had to go to the hospital after battling the blaze and we still don’t know what caused it. The smoke was so bad, that you could smell it all the way on near the movie theater on Newtown Lane. Firefighters from East Hampton, Sag Harbor, Amagansett and Springs all responded.

Then on Friday a house fire in Amagansett believed to be caused by two dogs who were left alone with a box of cupcakes inside of the house, completely destroyed the home. Both dogs died in the fire. An investigation revealed that most likely the dogs went after the cupcakes that were left on the stove in the kitchen and accidentally turned on the stove.

Then back on November 4 there was a terrible fire in Water Mill that set a blaze an outdoor shed on the property of a home. The fire was centered around two propane tanks that caused several explosions and completely engulfed the shed. 55 firefighters in total responded.

What these guys do is pretty freaking awesome. I don’t know what the heck is going on with all of these fires in the Hamptons this month, but one thing I do know, I’m glad that my neighbors out there who are volunteer firefighters are always prepared to battle a blaze 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.


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