Ask the Expert: A Quick Glimpse at Our Future

Its going to be a wonderful year of new endeavors, doors opening for talented people, getting back on track, not judging others—that becomes many peoples downfalls. I know that I am very excited for some of the upcoming events that will be out there soon.

The Question: Who do you see as the next U.S. president?

I do feel that Barack Obama will win again, even though there have been some questions. I may get some backlash on this one, but he is for the people, so I will go with my insight. There are a few heavy hitters that are going for the job. But still feel in my gut that Obama will win. I do also feel that the next one will be a woman—in 2016.

The Question: Will we get back on track ecomonically, and how long will it take?

Yes, we will get back on track. I feel its happening already. We have so many gifted children that are our future. Everyone needs to stick together and help each other.

So till next month. Stay well send in those questions, Be good to each other but most of all be good to yourself.

As the host and producer of her own TV show, “Beyond the Unexplained,” psychic/medium/spiritual advisor Janet Russell is here every month to answer your questions.  You can call her at 631-654-3353, email Janet at [email protected], or visit her online at to ask questions or inquire about fundraisers or charity events.  

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