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Located inside an unassuming office building on County Road 39A, AgeFocus is revolutionizing the field of preventative healthcare. The evidence-based medical facility is a pioneer of Age Management Medicine and offers highly-individualized treatments to increase patients’ overall health and fitness.

Started by Dr. Juan Gargiulo, an expert in preventative medicine, and Will Yule, the facility’s Executive Director, AgeFocus offers four distinct programs that help with age management, weight loss, sports performance and cosmetic enhancement.

AgeFocus’ signature development is the Executive Health age management program, which helps patients to tackle the negative effects of aging.

The program begins with patients undergoing an extensive five to seven-hour evaluation in the state-of-the-art facility. AgeFocus assesses the whole person and compiles data on everything from cognitive perspective to resting metabolic rate, bone density, body composition and the volume of oxygen used at different stages of exercise.

“We do testing that no other facility really does,” says Yule. AgeFocus’ team of specialists then use all of this information to work closely with the patient to tailor a specific approach to wellness through exercise, nutrition and hormone optimization.

“When you combine all three, you have this synergy effect of a healthy human being,” says Yule.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of AgeFocus’ multi-faceted approach to age management is the hormone therapy. A key component to living a youthful lifestyle, hormones help to reverse the physical and mental deterioration that accompanies aging.

Hormones definitely play a significant role in health,” says Dr. GargiuloHormone supplementation gives you what you don’t have.”

AgeFocus recognizes that everyone’s body is completely different, and all people, regardless of fitness level or health goals, can benefit from the Executive Health program and the information obtained through the initial evaluation process.

For example, Yule laments that most people who aspire to lose weight legitimately try to exercise, but they can’t shed the pounds because they’re not working out in the right way. AgeFocuscardiocoach VO2 test plays a significant role in solving this dilemma, as it measures the amount of oxygen consumed at different stages of a workout. At the end of the consultation, patients realize where they need their heart rate to be in order to achieve certain weight loss or endurance goals.

“There is a science to it. You need to go into your peak (heart rate) to get something out of a workout,” says Yule.

Though testing and treatment for the Executive Health program often overlaps with the other three programs, patients who have more specific needs can opt for more specific focus on weight loss or sports performance. AgeFocus also accommodates patients seeking cosmetic procedures.

Age management and weight loss are the two most popular,” says Dr. Gargiulo.

A living testament to the positive health effects AgeFocus can have on people’s lives, both Dr. Gargiulo and Yule have gone through the programs.

“(It’s) the best feeling in the world, watching someone who came in here and lost 40 pounds and have them hug and kiss you and cry because it was just an amazing experience for them,” says Yule.

 Agefocus, 365 Country Road, 39A, Suite 10, Southampton, 631-243-3628,

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