I Hate Winter Deer In The Hamptons

It’s that time of year again where suddenly deer decide that they no longer are afraid of human beings. I hate winter deer. For some reason during the winter time, a deer simply is completely unafraid of things that they ought to be afraid of, like high beam lights, car horns, and verbal threats. Yesterday I was driving along North Magee Street in Southampton when a deer literaly walked out right in front of my car and would not move. I really couldn’t beleive it. This damn thing just wouldn’t get out of the way. I almost felt like it deserved to get hit by a car. Don’t these animals know that it’s deer hunting season in the Hamptons?

I guess they don’t.

Look, I love animals, they are amazing, I”m a huge supporter of nearly every local animal rights group pretty much anywhere in the world. ARF in Wainscott, The Quogue Wildlife Rescue, The Southampton Animal Rescue, they all have my full support. But so help me God, I really wanted to run this deer over.

Perhaps I should rephrase, and suggest to the readers that they send me suggestions on their favorite ways to serve venison in the winter time.

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