Matthew Broderick, You Disappoint Me

I cannot believe that Matthew Broderick was just selling cars all this time. I must have had at least ten conversations with people about how cool I thought it was that Matthew Broderick was going to come back to the screen as Ferris Bueller. The movie, like many of us who grew up in the 80s, pretty much changed my life. The thought of seeing him come back for a second time had me really excited.

The actor, who lives with his wife Sarah Jessica Parker in Amagansett during the summer time, was just selling cars however. The first release of the video was a viral sensation. It was very short and just showed Matthew Broderick waking up and saying the classic Ferris Bueller line, “How could I possibly go to work on a day like today?”

Everybody thought for sure that this was a premise for a new Ferris Bueller movie. BUT WE WERE DUPED! The entire thing has to do with Honda selling cars.

Genius? Possibly. I think pretty much everyone in America is now figuring out that Broderick is not doing Ferris Bueller 2, and pretty much every news man is dissapointed about it. This is tons of free publicity for Honda. So yes, this is a viral marketing at it’s finest. I’m impressed by the deception. But now I really want to see Ferris Bueller, and don’t want to buy a CRV!

Broderick, you disappoint me.


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