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Five Fat Tuesday Cocktails for Your Hamptons Celebration

It’s Fat Tuesday, and that means it’s time for a drink. Or two. Or… And in the Hamptons as everywhere else, that drink should have a New Orleans twist. Staring with a Hurricane.

We’ve shared the story before, but any story worth telling is worth telling twice (after all, isn’t overdoing it what Fat Tuesday is all about?). In the 1940s, New Orleans bar owner Pat O’Brien found himself with too much rum and too few rum-drinking customers (scotch was in short supply during WWII). The solution? Grab that rum and sweeten it up with fruit juices, pour it in hurricane lamp–shaped glasses and begin a legend. The drink is a big part of celebrations in the Crescent City, but just as celebratory on the East End.

Make Your Hurricane:

•4 oz light rum
•4 oz dark rum
•4 oz passion fruit juice
•2 oz orange juice
•Juice of 1 lime
•2 Tbsp simple syrup
•2 Tbsp grenadine
Orange or lime slices for garnish


Mix ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, strain into glasses (need not be hurricane-lamp inspired), garnish and enjoy. Don’t be stingy—there’s enough for a second round.

Red Rooster  

•1 cup ice
•2 oz vodka
•4 oz cranberry juice
•1/2 oz orange juice


Fill tall glass with ice, add vodka and fill glass to 3/4 full with cranberry juice. Top with orange juice. Stir and enjoy.

Red Snapper

•1/2 oz whiskey
•1/2 oz Amaretto
•1/2 oz cranberry juice

Mixology: Combine ingredients in shaker with ice. Strain into highball glass. Enjoy.

Beaded Lady

•1 oz passion fruit vodka
•1/2 oz gin
•1/2 oz triple sec
•1/2 oz lime juice 
•2 oz pineapple juice
•Dash of bitters
•Soda water


Combine all ingredients—except bitters and soda—in cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into tall iced glass. Top with bitters and soda, garnish with pineapple or orange slice and drink up.

Mardi Gras Milk Punch

Just in case you’re still looking for a drink at breakfast tomorrow morning•1 1/4 oz. brandy
•1/2 oz. simple syrup
•4 dashes vanilla extract
•1 1/4 oz. milk

•1 oz. heavy cream
•Ice cubes


Combine ingredients with ice and shake. Strain into ice-filled glass and enjoy.

If you have a favorite Fat Tuesday spot in the Hamptons, tell us about it here!

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