I Just Ate A Hell Of A Good Pretzel

uncle jerry’s pretzels

Have you ever had Uncle Jerry’s pretzels? They are pretty freaking good. I’ve been in search lately of a pretzel that doesn’t have any oil in it but that I also can buy without having to go to some special vegan store to get one. Uncle Jerry’s does just that. They are pretzels, perfectly, wonderfully, beautifully made pretzels.

They are made in the classic, Pennsylvania Dutch fashion, and the key for me is that they are healthy snack that tastes really good. You don’t get any of the heavy oils or sugars that are in most pretzels, and they are very crunchy and satisfying. There are all different types of versions, including a whole wheat one for those looking for the healthy boost.

My favorite is the one in the picture above, the extra dark. The extra dark reminds me of an extra toasted bagel that brings me back to the days of growing up. If you are in your house snacking on them, throwing some mustard on them is perfect. They also have an oat bran version.

You can buy Uncle Jerry’s online. Their website is very straightforward and easy to use. I have a coupon for them as well that I can share with you, so if you do buy anything type into the coupon area PMR21612DP and you’ll get a good discount.



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