Wi-Fi Solution for Your Home-Heating Worries

Now that winter vacation is upon us here on the East End, many people are going away, and it can be very nerve-racking when you are trying to enjoy a vacation but cannot stop thinking about whether your home is okay. What is a vacationer to do? Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning has answers.

The Question: Is there a way to control the temperature in my home while I am away on vacation?

The Answer from Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning: Now there is a way to keep your mind at ease while you are enjoying warm tropical weather or snowy slopes up north.

One of the main concerns when people are away on vacation is the temperature in your home. Is it too cold in the house that the pipes might freeze or is it too warm and costing you extra money in utilities? You could hire someone to check the temperature in your home while you are away, but again that is an additional cost. Now there are Wi-Fi thermostats that can be installed that will give you the ability control the temperature in your home right from your mobile device.

Wi-Fi thermostats are wireless thermostats that replace your regular thermostat and can be controlled remotely while you are not there. This is great solution to people who travel a lot or have a second home.

The Question: How do I install a Wi-Fi thermostat in my home?

The Answer from Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning: There are a few options available for Wi-Fi thermostats that range from controlling humidity in your home to having the Wi-Fi thermostat learn how you like the temperature in your home. It is highly recommended to have a certified Heating and Air Conditioning company come to your home to do a home analysis to see which Wi-Fi thermostat best suites your home.

For more information on Wi-Fi thermostats or other home-heating matters, you can contact Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning at 631-727-2760 or [email protected] 

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