Hamptons Epicure: The Perfect Wine For Your Perfect Day

Weddings and wines—it’s all good. And everything tastes better when it’s local. To match a wine to your wedding day tastes – sample early and often. Tour as many local wineries as you can. Ask artisanal vintners what they offer that may be comparable to bigger brands.

Big names in bubbly include: Krug, Perrier-Jouet, Pommery, Taittinger and Veuve Clicquot. Recent prize vintages in champagne include 1995, 1996, 1998, 2002. But “vintage” is not just about age. One vintage may be made from different types of grapes from the same harvest. “Nonvintage” blends may combine fermented grape juice from several harvests to attain the desired blend.

Calculate three cases for every 100 guests. But the more, the merrier. You have a lot of anniversary celebrations to look forward to, right?

I’m a big fan of Sparkling Pointe’s sparkling wines. Sparkling Pointe is the only winery in New York State devoted entirely to the production of sparkling wines. They are all good, but I’m partial to the Topaz Imperial, since it’s named for my birthstone. When I drink it I don’t care that “real champagne” can only be made in France! Bah!

Another popular choice is to serve Wolffer’s rosé. It says “beach” and “class” in the same sip. Plus it’s that fabu shade of PINK! In the spring there’s plenty of Wolffer’s rosé on the market, come summer it may be gone. Taittinger also produces a fine rosé on a larger scale.

Think about matching special wines to your special day. A beach wedding with seafood, how about Brut Zero? It’s crisp and dry, a great accompaniment to a raw bar. High quality brands include Laurent-Perrier and Tarlant.

Consider Blanc de blancs for a dressy wedding. Sophisticated, pure Chardonnay-only. Alfred Gratien nonvintage blanc de blancs, with their hint of citrus, also work as an aperitif. Another great choice for traditional blanc de blanc is G. H. Mumm.

Remember to treat your wedding day as you would a glass of fine wine – savor every moment of it! (And don’t drink red wine while you’re wearing that white gown.)

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