Springtime Is in the Air in the Hamptons, Allergies Too

Now that spring has sprung, allergy season is upon us on the East End. Sometimes you can’t even find relief indoors. What can you do? Our friends at Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning are here to share their expert insights.

The Question: What are some options to help reduce my allergies?

The Answer from Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning: There are a few options to reduce your allergies while getting to enjoy the spring weather. These options are called Indoor Air Quality. Here are a few to think of.

Option 1: Have your ducts cleaned. The ductwork in your house accumulates dust and, if not cleaned, can flare up your allergies even more. It is recommended to have them cleaned every 3 to 5 years.

Option 2: Have your cooling system cleaned before the summer season starts. Having a preseason cleaning on your system not only helps maintain the life of the system but also cleans the air in your home. The filters are changed during a preseason cleaning, which will give the air in your home better filtration.

Option 3: Install a high-efficiency filter system in your home. Installing a high-efficiency filter system in your home can help people with severe allergies or asthma by cleaning the air in your home. There are many alternatives to choose from, so it is highly recommended to have a trained professional come to your home to give you a free analysis and estimate on what is best for your home.

Option 4: Install a dehumidifier. Now that the summer season is slowly approaching, so is the humidity level in your home. Humidity levels can really make it hard for a person to breathe, especially someone with allergies or asthma. By installing a dehumidifier it will take the humidity of your home and bring comfort back to you your life.

Can I use more than one option at a time?

You can absolutely use two or more options at a time. It is highly recommended to have a trained professional come to your home to give you an estimate on what the best options are for your home.

For more questions about Indoor Air Quality, you can call Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning  for additional information and free estimates at 631-727-2760 or email at [email protected]

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