Top 5 Things NOT To Do During The St. Patrick’s Day Parades In Montauk and Hampton Bays

All good things must come to an end, and this Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day season in the Hamptons officially ends. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going out with a bang. Both the Montauk and Hampton Bays St. Patrick’s Day Parades are this Sunday, and whether you are venturing out to Montauk by train, or hanging out with some friends in Hampton Bays, there are 5 things that you definitely should NOT do.

1. Don’t drink on the trains and don’t bring alcohol on the trains: Unless you plan on getting arrested, wait until you actually get to Montauk before you get a beer. Every year, police nab a few guys on the train out to Montauk because they thought it would be smart to bring a bottle of Jameson on the train and get rowdy.

2. Don’t run naked out into the parade. This doesn’t happen often, but just don’t do it. Save naked time for later.

3. Don’t be the guy who thinks screaming out curse words is funny or acceptable. These parades are very much family events with a lot of kids running around. Yes it’s a great time for adults too, but try to remember that there are definitely going to be kids under the age of 12 within an earshot of your voice.

4. Don’t be the guy who thinks it’s funny to take pictures in front of police officers while you are drunk. Trust me, they aren’t going to think it’s funny.

5. Don’t drive. This is a no-brainer. Call a cab, have a designated driver.

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