Are You A Seeker?

Seeking is a ribbon-like path that leads us further and further away from home until we get closer and closer to arriving at our true selves.

These Cupids have realized the time has come to leave the safety and security of familiar surroundings.  Like caterpillars in their cocoons, these winged cherubs have been developing the strength and courage they need for the next stage in their lives.  Now they know they must learn how to fly and they have thrown themselves into it with unbridled joy and abandon. The baby birds in the border of this card are using their fledgling flying skills to knit together ribbons and branches.  This is symbolic of the way humans have learned many basic skills by traveling the earth and seas watching nature adapt to different places.  The birds are even showing their departing friends what it means to tie the knot, something every budding Cupid should know.

Life’s search to experience the full potential of its being ties nature and humans together in complimentary roles as evolution knowing itself.

Words © Monte Farber, Artwork © Amy Zerner)

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