David Tepper, Can I Hang Out at Your New House in Sagaponack Some Time?

David Tepper, a former Goldman Sachs employee who years ago decided to say, “Screw these guys, I’m building my own @#[email protected]#$ Hedge Fund,” and then actually did, deserves some Hamptons respect.

This guy pretty much single handedly built one of the biggest hedge funds in the world, Appaloosa Management, and last year bought a house in Sagaponack from the ex-wife of John Corzine—the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, former New Jersey Governor and former CEO of the bankrupt MF Global. And Tepper’s boss at one time.

Tepper bought that home from Corzine’s ex for a cool $43.5 million. Cash. He then knocked the whole damned thing to the ground.


Anyway, the new house is being built to his specifications, and by all accounts, it’s awesome.

finalternatives.com reports that: David Tepper’s massive new Hamptons home probably won’t be ready for occupancy this summer season, but it’s much more than the big hole in the ground it was six months ago.

Indeed, the 15,000-square-foot home in Sagaponack, N.Y., has taken shape. The frame is up, and the oceanfront home will soon be shingled and trimmed to resemble a much, much larger, beach house version of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

So, anyway, David, when this thing is built, can I come and hang out? I can recommend a pool guy. I’ll even get you a free copy of Dan’s Papers

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