Makeup Artist Marissa Jade’s Journey from Gaga to the Hamptons


Trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, makeup artist Marissa Jade is looking forward to spending her summer in the Hamptons, a place she also calls home. She is not, however, merely expecting a relaxing summer on the beach—although, after being on tour with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears these past three years, just being in one place for a few months will feel like a vacation. While definitely finding some downtime, Jade is also excited to meet and work with a variety of new clients to beautify: and where better to look than the Hamptons!

“The Hamptons is the perfect place to come to achieve the balance of relaxing and expanding the clientele that I am looking for,” Jade explains.

Jade started out with MAC cosmetics when she was 20 years old. Her passion and love for fashion and makeup grew from there, inspiring her desire to be part of the fashion world in a bigger way. Her goal was to somehow participate in Fashion Week in New York City, and she snagged that opportunity when she was chosen to participate in a series of intense fashion show certification tests and was one of few to pass.

After a few years considering MAC her “job,” Jade decided she wanted to change that title to “career.”  After being promoted several times to different MAC locations, she received a call to do a shoot for Lady Gaga. Gaga’s team liked Jade’s work so much that she was offered a position to go on world tour as a full time makeup artist. Naturally, Jade jumped at this opportunity, and says that Gaga was “inspirational and loves her fans.”

Marissa Jade with Britney Spears!

Jade also joined Britney Spears—“the epitome of a southern sweetheart,” Jade says—on the Femme Fatale Tour for eight months in 2011 as a makeup artist, and in the future would love to work with celebrities such as Hamptonite Madonna (what makeup artist wouldn’t?). But the Fashion major from FIT has expectations this summer of sharing her talents with some perhaps less famous but equally fabulous folks on the East End.

“The marriage between fashion trend and makeup is where my artistic style lives. One of my favorite parts of being a makeup artist is asking and listening very carefully to how my client would like to be portrayed, I then visualize the image that has been painted in their mind and finally…bring their vision to life with my brushes. My main priority is to not only do makeup but to develop an everlasting memory and long term relationship through creating a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere where the imagination has the freedom to run wild ”

You can contact Marissa Jade for more information or to schedule an appointment via email at [email protected], on Facebook or by calling 646-643-4122.


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