Pilates Guru Brings Hot, Healthy Summer to the Hamptons

When renowned Pilates guru Erika Bloom transplanted her family to East Hampton for the summer, her ambitions were anything but sunning herself on the beach all day. Erika, a former professional dancer and veteran Pilates instructor, has spent the past 20 years studying and perfecting the bodies of her Manhattan clientele. She has finally decided it was the appropriate time to bring her brand and the Erika Bloom Method, a personalized workout both men and women of the Upper East Side have sworn by for over a decade, out east.

Erika’s approach is undoubtedly contrary to the trendy, social workouts that seem to saturate the fitness world. There are no group classes to be found at an Erika Bloom Pilates studio. Erika focuses her method—The Erika Bloom Method—on the individual experience of exercise. She understands that each person’s body is different so each session is tailored to that specific client, in that particular moment.

In the first session with an Erika Bloom Method instructor, clients receive a thorough evaluation that assesses posture, both standing and moving, as well as a complete understanding of lifestyle, and the client’s ultimate goals. Using the concept of ‘neutral spine’ the teacher then tailors the session to the client’s body.

Understanding the foundation of Erika Bloom Method Pilates, the anatomical concept of neutral spine, is important in understanding why her technique is so effective. The human skeletal system is easily pulled out of alignment for various reasons. It may be from sitting most of the day, or from an activity that has tightened or weakened different muscles of the body. By focusing on putting the spine and pelvis into it’s most optimal, or neutral, position throughout the session, clients can achieve any goal—whether it is to look longer and leaner, or to become faster and stronger. It is particularly effective at relieving back pain, rehabilitating injuries, and pre and postnatal workouts, as well as creating relief from scoliosis and osteoporosis.

Erika Bloom Pilates’ charming new East Hampton outpost mimics the airy design of her extensive Manhattan studio and is conveniently located at 66 Newtown Lane. Ensuring no one is excluded from perfecting their bikini body this summer, Erika and her team of instructors, who are no strangers to the pages of publications like Fitness, Shape, and Vogue, won’t be limiting their healing touch to just East Hampton. Outfitted with their signature Erika Bloom bikes, instructors will travel throughout the Hamptons for in-home or beachside Pilates sessions, Yoga, Holistic Health Counseling, and Thai Yoga Massage.

Erika is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Danshamptons.com as an outlet to share health and fitness tips that go beyond the Pilates studio. Ms. Bloom will be revealing some of her favorite health and fitness tips through Labor Day. As an expert in healthy summer activities, Erika will divulge everything from how Pilates can improve your golf and tennis games, to Pilates’ preventative and rehabilitating component for injuries to how to live a healthy, local lifestyle in the Hamptons. With Erika Bloom prescribing workout routines in both her new studio and through her monthly column, Hamptonites are about to have their hottest and healthiest summer yet.

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