A Refreshing, New Sorbet In The Hamptons

Is it just me or do the Hamptons demand healthy dessert alternatives? To satisfy the taste buds of health-enthusiasts I introduce to you, Gourmet Sorbets – a new addition to everybody’s favorite market place, Cavaniola’s Gourmet Cheese Shop, Wine Cellar, and Kitchen in the heart of Sag Harbor.

Gourmet Sorbets, which originally opened as a venue in Brooklyn, was awarded “a season’s best new artisan”  by TIMEOUT magazine. Gourmet Sorbets has traveled out East to enjoy the summer season, offering pints of its delectable and mouth-watering goodness in mason jars (how cute!) in the prepared food shop section of the store.

Founder Nicole Cardone and her “secret weapon,” partner, former L.A.-based pastry chef Deborah Gorman go above and beyond in providing their customers with a product that is “handmade in small quantities with high quality that is both bright and delicious without the trans-fat,” says CardoneGourmet Sorberts encourage their customers to rediscover sorbet, “the forgotten child of the ice cream world” – where indulging is finally the right choice. They take pride in making sure their sorbet fully embraces every flavor fruit should – without being too sweet. “There’s no other sorbet that can do what we do because we have a special process that we use.” said Cardone.

Most importantly, the dynamic duo believes in seasonality consistency. “Our flavors are constantly changing into what’s ripe and what’s in season to make sure we are providing our customers with the best kind of flavors.” Cardone says.

Cardone and Gorman also explain their idea of “drinks you can spoon,” a new trend that is hitting the Hamptons where customers can buy scoops of the treat and put them in a refreshment. Try putting lemon sorbet in your ice tea as a natural sweetener, or a scoop of strawberry cherry in your lemonade. “It’s like having a refreshing icy cocktail without the alcohol,” they say.

All in all, the two have constructed a product that  receives nothing but positive feedback, it should be added to everybody’s “must try summer bucket list.”

Next time you find yourself in the Harbor, stop by Cavaniola’s and pick up a pint!


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