A Spa-Like Retreat In Your Hamptons Home

Every home needs a sanctuary, a place to escape from the world for at least a little while. Exactly how to accomplish its creation is the question, and David Kaplan of David Kaplan Interior Design LLC is here with some expert answers.

The Question: How can I turn my standard bathroom into a spa-like retreat?

David Kaplan of David Kaplan Interior Design, LLC
David Kaplan of David Kaplan Interior Design, LLC

The Answer from David Kaplan of David Kaplan Interior Design LLC: Interestingly, nearly every client who hires me to design or re-design their master bathroom requests this. A “spa-like” room can be created out of any size space and is not necessarily restricted to the bathroom. However, this part of the home is a perfect inner sanctum where one can find complete privacy and solitude.

As a theoretically natural environment, the spa room contains the essential classical elements—earth, water, air, and fire—which in the bathroom are basically present and controllable with a variety of stone and hard surface flooring & walls and countertops, and simple wood cabinetry (earth), plumbing fixtures and fittings (water), scented products and exhaust fans (air), lighting fixtures and candles (fire). The spa experience can also be enhanced through sensory means with mirrors and reflective surfaces, contrasting textures from very rough to very smooth and music. Lighting dimmer controls are very important to set the right atmosphere.

Ideally, the room would have direct access and/or a pleasing view to a private outdoor space through a window, skylight or moveable wall. But even the tiniest interior room can be turned into a serene place for relaxation and re-energizing.

Other “outdoor” elements like tropical plants and exotic flowers and garden sculpture help merge the interior with the exterior.

While a deep soaking tub (with or without air jets) may be the ultimate luxury for some individuals, a large walk-in shower usually wins out and many people sacrifice the tub altogether if restricted by space limitations. I often specify “rain” shower heads recessed flush with the ceiling whenever possible to simulate an outdoor rainfall, handheld shower heads both for tub and shower, and body sprays which are more on an individual preference basis. If there is enough space I would recommend a bench seat inside the shower and a frameless shower enclosure. Another added option would be a steam shower unit.

You may also want to consider allowing for a meditation/yoga/massage space within or adjacent to your spa bathroom or other spa space.

Luxurious towels, robes and hair and body products add the finishing touches to the daily “spa” experience.

Have your own questions about creating a spa-like room in your home or another interior design project? You can contact David Kaplan at David Kaplan Interior Design, LLC at 212-462-4329 or online at www.dkidllc.com.

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