The Montauk Airport Is for Sale: Here Are My Ideas

Perhaps you’ve heard that the Montauk airport has gone up for sale for $18 million. The property has approximately 37 acres surrounded by more than 1,000 acres of reserve and an approximately 3,200-foot long asphalt runway with a 24 x 17 Main Office with bath. There is one 45ft x 36ft permanent hanger and four portable hangers. Subdivision is possible.

So here are some ideas for you developers out there.

1. We get Ben Bernanke to buy the property by printing the $18 million in cash, and then we use federal dollars to hire four members of the Montauk Citizens Advisory Committee to work as the President, Chairman, Chancellor and Treasurer of the newly founded Montauk Historical Airport Museum, whose mission is, “To preserve the great historical aviation tradition of the Montauk Community.”

2. Donald Trump should buy the airport and attempt to turn it into a golf course and luxury resort, only to eventually be stopped by the Town of East Hampton.

3. Owners of the Surf Lodge should buy the airport and use the runway as a parking lot for their nightclub, solving the traffic problem.

4. The U.S. Airforce could buy the airport and revive the Montauk airforce base at Camp Hero.

5. A Russian billionaire could buy the airport and use the runway to drive his luxury cars at top speeds.

6. Sell the airport to “Skinny Jeans And Black Rimmed Glasses Airlines”—they’d buy it in a heartbeat, but only if nobody else is doing it.

What’s your idea for the Montauk airport?


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