I Randomly Ran Into Bill Clinton On The Beach In The Hamptons

Yesterday I was working out on the beach doing some boxing with Ukrainian trainer Yevgeniy Kievskiy in East Hampton. The weather cleared up at the end of the day, and Yevgeniy was not letting up, and needless to say, I was a little tired from Saturday night.

After the workout we walked towards the edge of the beach near the dune, when suddenly I heard a southern accent. “Come on Tally! Come on now!”

That sounds exactly like Bill Clinton, I thought to myself. Does the guy that owns the house behind me impersonate him or something?

But then, sure enough, down walked President Bill Clinton, looking tall and thin, taking his dogs out for a walk. He was shadowed by security, who were dressed in khaki pants polo shirts. I waved hello and Bill then waved back, “How are ya?” he said with a smile, “We’re great!” I said back and watched him walk down the beach.

“Was that the former President?” Yevgeniy said.


The two of us spoke for about five minutes wondering whether or not we should take a picture. I didn’t want to be rude or make a big deal of it and I didn’t have my phone on the beach anyway. Then as Bill headed down the beach and mostly out of sight, his daughter, Chelsea and her husband, came walking down and strolled down the beach headed in the opposite direction.

“Well. That pretty much made my entire summer,” I said. Then I headed back to my car and went home after saying goodbye to Yevgeniy.

I later got a text message from Yevgeniy with a small picture of Bill Clinton on the beach that read, “I couldn’t resist.”

The picture is posted above. Pretty. Dang. Cool.

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